You have reached our after school tutoring service, the proving ground where we have been testing and refining the education programs that will be used in Sydney’s First STEM High School. If you are interested in our tutoring service, please continue to browse this website.

About Us

HSC tutors for chemistry and physics at Sydney Science College

We're full-time professional HSC tutors, with a passion for delivering quality science education. We love bringing students through the learning process–from seeing that initial light-bulb moment, to helping them gain confidence and proficiency in applying their knowledge, and seeing the fruits of that in a great exam result.

Our path to becoming educators began at the front gates of James Ruse Ag. on our final day of high school, when we had the ambitious idea of running HSC head-start courses to pass on our hard-earned knowledge, exam skills and growing appreciation of science to the younger cohort. With the support of our principal we began our little endeavour whilst studying science at university, teaching out of our old-school's classrooms in the holidays. We'd also put in time at the school's science department teaching physics and chemistry olympiad classes during the term. We soon found that we had a real knack and enjoyment for teaching, and what started as a hobby during our university years grew into a full-time profession.

We formed Sydney Science College in 2006, with a mission to deliver a learning experience more enjoyable and effective than anything we've experienced ourselves. We've made it the kind of place we’d want to learn at. We hope you do too.

Joey & Shaun